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Reliable Sources: Gil Penalosa

Gil Penalosa and his brother Enrique, the former mayor of Bogota, Colombia, to introduce the “Ciclovia” concept that has been copied around the world. Closing streets to traffic to be taken over by cyclists, pedestrians and a cornocopia of community activities, the car free Sundays made a Bogota a showcase for active living.

Now living in Toronto, Penalosa leads his own “8 to 80″ organization, generating ideas and sharing examples from a world-wide movements. See the latest newsletter at the 8 to 80 link on the right side of the page.

Hi Tech Bike Parking in Japan

With thousands parking bikes at transit exchange3s and dense urban destinations, Japanese engineers have designed an automated system for parking bicycles. No doubt a costly system, but a good investment in facilities where numbers warrant.

Bicycling Magazine’s Quick Tips for Safe Cycling

Want to be safer on the road? Here’s some quick tips from Bicycling Magazine, a U.S. publication that has been covering all things cycling for decades.,8155,s1-1-561-0,00.html

MP invites bike art into the office

Victoria Member of Parliament Denise Savoie is looking for bike art to display in her office as part of a rotating gallery of local artists. If you’ve got something to show, contact Hilary Stead at

Welcome to the Capital Bike and Walk Blog

First post. Capital Bike and Walk’s website includes information on Cycling and Walking advocacy in Greater Victoria, the capital of British Columbia.

We’ve been at work in Victoria for the last several years providing consulting services and advocating for more and better infrastructure and programs for cycling and walking. We can count many successes and look forward to many more.

As Executive Director, I’ll be publishing the new blog and hope you’ll link up and visit regularly. I expect to populate the blog with local cycling and walking information and news from the world of cycling and walking. There’s lots happening around the world and lot’s we can learn from.

While we have your attention, here’s some ready sources you can visit to learn more about the work we are doing.

Our home page is:

We have a dedicated bicycle parking site at:

I also work on promotion of cycling as a niche in Vancouver Island’s growing eco-tourism industry.  Visit

Also, visit my Flickr site to immerse yourself in images of cycling and walking at home and abroad. I’ve collected thousands of examples of the good, the bad and the ugly and I’m happy to share what I’ve found.

Thanks for visiting.
John Luton,
Victoria, BC