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Local trailer builder spreading across the web

Tony Hoar, who designs and builds bicycle trailers of all sorts at his sprawling homestead in Mill Bay, northwest of Victoria, has lately got some coverage on the Treehugger website. Tony’s innovations are legendary – kayakers, the homeless, pet lovers and cargo haulers looking for a human powered solution are some of those using his trailers.

Here’s the Treehugger story:

And here’s Tony showin off a trailer he designed for the grocery run, something small enough to fit into an apartment and for those walking with them, fits on a city bus too:

Traffic calming positive for business

Emily Drennen, a researcher and advocate working in San Francisco posts her paper on the positive impacts for business of adding bike lanes, along with other traffic calming measures, to Valencia St. in San Francisco. It’s a debate often heard in cities where business resists change or restrictions on vehicle access. The reality is often different from their fears.

Visit Emily’s site at:

Electric bikes and the future of transportation

Thanks again to John McBride for another tip on sustainable transportation strategies. Here’s more of the story he sent me on e-bikes, the pros and cons, covered in an article at:

Bamboo Bikes

Sustainability in action. A Columbia University led project to develop baboo bicycle frames for use in the third world is nearing their goal of putting the concept into production. A blog tracks their progress. More at:

Lighting the way for walkers

Streetfilms is the haiku of documentaries. Short pieces focused on very specific issues illustrate great ideas for active transportation and liveable communities.

A full crosswalk in daylight is hard to miss but pedestrian face challenges at night on busy roads.

This pieces documents a high-tech Seattle crosswalk where pedestrian activity triggers flashing lights at both pavement and sign or signal levels to warn motorists that pedestrians have entered the crosswalk.

The story is told in a little more than a minute. Time well spent: