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More bike lane research

Darren Flusche of the League of American Cyclists has compiled a good list of bike lane studies and posted it to the listserve for the Associationof Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.  When I get my own computer back from the dead (it’s going in for some serious technical assistance to deal with viruses, corruption and my antiquated technology), I’ll dig in and talk more about the lessons learned and post some new pics and ideas – lots to report from the Pro Walk – Pro bike conference last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In the meantime, try some of the links Darren has assembled on bike lanes and safety issues.  While there continues to be a cadre of dedicated ideologues who oppose bicycle specific infrastructure treatments to improve the safety and appeal of our transportation systems for cycling, the growing body of research is demonstrating that additions of bike lanes and other designs to support cycling are working.  Accept no substitutes.

Here’s Darren’s impressive list:

A few bike lane studies

Texas lane width study – impact on lane positioning

Moritz adult bicyclists and RDI – relative danger index

Cambridge, Hampshire Street – impact on lane positioning

Jennifer Dill, Commuting in Cities – overall impact on use

Florida Red Shoulder Study – impact on lane positioning

Portland Blue Bike Lane study – impact on intersection behavior

Ft Lauderdale Bike Lane Adjacent to Parking – impact on lane positioning

Broward County WCL Conversions – impact on lane positioning

San Francisco bike lane studies – various evaluations

Hunter et al, 1999 bike lane versus wide curb lane – comparison of facilities

Bicycle Forum 47 – bike lanes on 44 foot streets – what different cities do

Some general stuff

Bike lane design information


Davis Bike Plan

FHWA university course


Minnesota DOT

Oregon design guide

Seattle, bike plan chapter


Washington DC,a,1245,q,640118,ddotNav_GID,1761,ddotNav,|34416|.asp

Washington State

Bike Boulevards


 Daff and Barton, 2005, Marking Melbourne’s Arterial Roads to Assist Cyclists