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Build it and they will come

Count work in Montreal shows dramatic increases in cycling connected with the provision of better bicycle facilities, also noting that bike share program is helping to replace vehicle trips with bicycle trips.

Bike to Shop

Melbourne, Australia study shows that converting vehicle parking spaces to bike parking can generate significant improvements in efficiency of shopping dollars generated per metre squared etc.

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Here’s the model:

Toronto study says bike lanes good for business

A recent study focused on Bloor St., a major commercial corridor in downtown Toronto, would benefit from the addition of bike lanes.  Notable in the study is the strong support for bike lanes among both businesses along the street and users of the corridor.  Also revealing is the note in the Executive Summary that shows how much more appealing a street will be for cyclists when bike lanes are added.

This study is important for Victoria where we are planning a new rapid transit project for downtown’s Douglas St.  Protecting existing bike lanes is an important objective for the design of the new facility.

Toronto study at:

Douglas St. at:

Bike by numbers in Copenhagen

Brief presentation on the value of investments in bicycle infrastructure in Copenhagen.

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Snow clearing for trails and bike lanes

Copenhagen does it right.

Bike boxes improve safety

Article from Bicycling Magazine on Portland’s response to bicycle/vehicle collisions.  The city has implemented numbers of bike boxes, many of which serve as advanced stop lines and storage areas for cyclists.  Bike boxes are proving effective at reducing conflicts between cyclists and motorists at busy and complex intersections.

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Here’s one of ours:

Bike share program in France generates urban cycling data

An interesting piece on the bike share program in Lyon, France, where several years of data have been gathered and analysis of bicycle speeds and riding patterns show some interesting facts.  Bicycle trips tend to match vehicle trips for average speeds, except for Wednesdays, when bicycle speeds beat the competition.