Monthly Archives: March 2011

Miscreant drivers to take bike lessons

Washington State has lately passed legislation requiring drivers undergoing refresher courses as part of traffic violation penalties to endure sessions on sharing the road with cyclists.

U.S. Data shows top cities for cycling

Winter bound cities like Madison and Minneapolis are catching up to Portland in capturing a growing share of the commuter travel market.

Good data is a always useful though recent cutbacks to collection in Canada could deprive us of the crucial information we need to confirm the success of our efforts to shift transportation habits to sustainable modes like cycling.

See the U.S. data at:

Bike lane conflicts

Bike lanes and other facilities are generating much friction in some communities where drivers bristle at the re-allocation of road space to provide better levels of service for cyclists.  Businesses along affected corridors fight hard against loosing the on-street parking many are convinced are critical to their success.  This story I found on Sightline, a Seattle based source for environmental news and features details some of the struggles and points to sources that deomnstrate that fears are often overblown and business prosperity in particular is often improved by creating more people and bike friendly streetscapes.

Here’s an example of dramatic changes in Vancouver’s downtown street design.  Watch for more to come: