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Downtown Bike Parking Survey

Downtown bike parking project

For the last couple of years the City of Victoria, downtown business, Capital Bike and Walk and other local advocates have been working together to tackle a shortage of good bike parking solutions for people cycling into the city centre.

A change in parking systems and a desire to increase the quality and supply of bike racks brought together an ad hoc committee that developed a new standard design for a signature rack – the new Victoria “V” that you will see in many locations around downtown. The new rack is popping up in places where demand is high and in a couple of locations where on-street “bike corrals” have been assembled to provide parking for bikes in locations where sidewalk space is limited but demand is still high.

Here’s one:

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Along with the inverted “U” rack – bike rack singles that are found throughout downtown and across the city, hundreds of new spaces have been added to the city’s inventory. Still, bike trips are growing and sidewalks and other public spaces are sometimes crowded with more informal parking – bikes locked to trees, public trash cans, benches, lamp standards and sign posts – sometimes crowding pedestrian space or creating new hazards in the walking environment.

Here’s one of our inverted “U” racks in operation:

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Capital Bike and Walk is partnering again with the DVBA to help identify where demand for bike parking exceeds supply of good facilities. We’ll be conducting a two day “snapshot” along downtown streets to find out where the problems are and use this information to help plan new installations to meet more of the bike parking demand and keep our sidewalks clear of obstructions.

Here’s an example of the problems we are trying to solve:

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We’re looking for volunteers – 2 or 3 hours of your time over one or another day to help paint the picture for us. Join us for the count – Thursday and Friday, September 27th and 28th. We’ll supply the maps and stuff (bring a clipboard if you have one) to support your efforts and assign people to cover sections of downtown to count bikes – both those on racks and, more importantly, where the informal bike parking problems are evident.

We’ll take that information and feed it into our committee work to identify locations for new installations – whether cluster racks or inverted “U” singles or even a new bike corral or two to help focus placements on where they are needed. Our work and your volunteer assistance can help make your trip downtown more convenient by ensuring a rack space is where you need it, when you need it.

It will also help us grow cycling for transportation – destination facilities like bike racks are important to those who would like to choose cycling but are concerned about the safety and security of their bikes when they come downtown.

Finally, it will help us clean up our sidewalks and public spaces. Putting bikes where they belong helps make our streets safer for everyone – people who walk, those with sight impairments or mobility challenges, and those who work for us keeping our streets clean or our urban trees healthy.

Please come and help:

Time and Place:
Thursday/Friday, September 27th/28th
10:30 a.m. meeting time – counts from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Starting point:
Downtown Victoria Business Association Office
20 Centennial Square (northeast corner of the Square at Douglas St.)

Thanks for your help. See you downtown!