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Level of Service tool for bicycle along urban arterials

U.S. Engineeering firm Sprinkle Consulting has developed a tool to measure the level of accommodation provided for cyclists along arterial routes. The tool provides a means of understanding how cyclists react to road conditions, treatments and enhancements aimed at making their ride safer and more appealing. Sprinkle worked through a process of field surveys, observing cyclists using typical metropolitan streets in the U.S.

The paper was presented at the 2006 Pro Walk – Pro Bike conference in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2006.


Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

The Pedestrian and Bicycling Information Center and the U.S. Federal Highway Administration are useful resource sources for information on a variety of issues related to cycling and walking.  Their site includes many studies and research that will be useful to the advocate or practitioner.

The Pedestrian Safety Action Plan is a comprehensive guide for improving safety for pedestrians through engineering and program supports.

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