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Sprawl Costs

Vancouver’s urban guru finds a good graphic on the costs of sprawl. Find it here:

The high cost of driving 1993

Research paper details the costs of transport, finds every vehicle in Vancouver benefited from an annual subsidy of $720 in then current dollars.

Relationships between speed and crash severity

Dutch traffic safety research details the relationship between vehicle speeds and crash severity.

Collision Map Victoria

Useful map details collision numbers for Victoria, from the provincial insurance provider that pays the costs associated with the outcomes.

Cycling is the new golf

20130812221 014New story on research that is forecasting the need for communities to better understand the leisure and recreation, travel and tourism markets etc. are evolving to embrace cycling as a preferred lifestyle choice. We need to invest in better and more extensive facilities not just to serve our own citizens, but in a region where tourism plays a big role in the local economy, thousands upon thousands of visitors looking for a different experience than old business models that no longer fit.

Walking the city of the future

BBC report forecasts that walking will dominate cities as we evolve away from auto-dependence and find new ways to get around on foot using smart technology to guide our footsteps.

Bike Lane Sweeper

09012009336 124Fall is the season and leaves are the reason.  Keeping bike lanes clear being taken care of in Portland.   Ottawa image shows where targeted cleaning could deal with other problems too.

Kids Slowing Down


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Today’s kids can’t keep up.  Lack of physical activity a smoking gun.

Cycling the Cities of the World

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Vignettes on the safety records of some of the planet’s major cities.


2010: Bike Kitchen Opens at UVic

The University has been a leader in providing for cyclists and growing participation.  Thousands of trips a day are recorded on the surrounding road network and 2010 saw the introduction of new services for cyclists, adding work stand and tools to a covered parking facility just outside of the Student Union Building, Grad Society offices and the always popular Cinecenta movie theatre at the campus.