Salt Spring Island working on new bike projects

Salt Spring Island sits off of the north end of Saanich Peninsula, the largest and most populated of our southern Gulf Islands and part of the regional district that encompasses Victoria and many diverse municipalities.

The Island has done some work on various bike facilities, including some pathways we worked on as advocates and consultants aiming to advance cycling tourism and local commuter facilities in and around the main village of Ganges. Other efforts have focused on equipping BC Ferries with better equipment for bikes on board, conceptual designs for an early iteration of one of their pathways. The Island is challenged by narrow roads and some steeper climbs here and there, but it’s a wonderful destination and a vibrant local community that is increasingly attractive as a cycling destination, with local bike tourism industry players also needing cheap commuting options for their workforces.

Here’s one of the major pieces of work covering the evolution of cycling plans on the Island – a useful summary of the work that has gone on to identify opportunities to invest in infrastructure aimed at putting more people on their bikes.