Green Lane Project details design and costs for separated bike facilities

Vancouver's Dunsmuir cycle track offers cyclists their own space downtown.

Vancouver’s Dunsmuir cycle track offers cyclists their own space downtown.

The Green Lane project was launched by my friend Martha Roskowski, putting her considerable years of experience as an advocate to work pressing the case for funding of ambitious projects to build new age bike facilities that will help the U.S. take the great leap forward in growing cycling through the use of protected cycle tracks.

A latest piece has been the addition of some design templates for various approaches and a spread sheet that details the ballpark costs for typical treatments. The issue of context and local conditions or challenges will, of course, vary those costs and perhaps dictate the best design approach, but this is a great addition to the toolboxes we need to assess when and where to use what.

Find the link here and click on the spreadsheet for a better look at the details of various types of design. It’s a very useful summary that reminds us to be careful with our dollars to make sure we get it right. Some approaches can be costly and need to undergo careful consideration and review before implementation.