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Reliable Sources

  • The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is run by local legend Todd Litman. His work on economics and transportation is sought around the world:
  • For commentary of Vancouver issues and research, illustrations and other sources near and far, former Vancouver Councillor Gordon Price is director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University and maintains his own blog at:
  • Very useful website ( on pedestrian and active transportation issues from John Wetmore who crosses the world doing research and talking to people about their communities. Visitors to Capital Bike and Walk will find John on the show way back in 2004 when the Pro Walk Pro Bike conference came to Victoria.
  • Sightline Institute always has good info on environmental issues in the Pacific Northwest. There’s usually something related to bicycling or walking in their daily news, available by subscription (click the news and research button):



  • John Luton is Executive Director of Capital Bike and Walk and a consultant on cycling and walking program and infrastructure design.
  • George Allen is a designer and marketing strategist (see: George co-authored the Galloping Goose Trail User Counts and provides design and editorial support for CBWS publications including our Bicycle Parking Manual and Downtown Victoria Walking Map
  • Ken Milbrath contributed the presentation on “The Pemberton Trail” Ken is a Rockland resident and promoter of the trail, a city of Victoria greenway proposal to establish a safe, appealing and convenient walking route connecting south Oak Bay to downtown Victoria
  • Friends of the Shelbourne Valley are developing community input into a project to re-envision Shelbourne St. , a busy suburban arterial that connects through Saanich, a neighbour to Victoria where Shelbourne is a major feeder route for suburban traffic coming into the city centre.