Chandler – Gonzales Pathway

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The Chandler Pathway project brought together Capital Bike and Walk with local community and parent groups to re-open a pathway that connected through a small residential cluster between Margaret Jenkins Elementary School and nearby Pemberton Park. The path had been closed in the 1970s over complaints of vandalism and noise by some residents determined to take over the public right of way that had been a short cut for generations of students of the local elementary school. Strong resistance from succeeding generations of homeowners stalled any efforts to take back the trail, still held as city property but encumbered by fences and a small easement at one end.

Going back to the early 2000′s, more interest in active and safe routes to school initiatives brought new energy together to begin the long process of lobbying the city to re-open the pathway to complement a number of other initiatives identified in safe routes explorations and audits conducted by Capital Bike and Walk and other organizations. Council eventually adopted the plan during a term when CBWS Executive Director John Luton held a spot at the table and pushed for capital commitments to bring the project forward.

The pathway was built eventually with a combination of city staff and volunteer labour and opened in 2012 and works with numbers of other improvements introduced into the neighbourhood transportation environment, aimed at making walking and cycling to school safer and more appealing.