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Downtown Walk and Run Map puts Victoria on its feet

We’ve exhausted supplies of the 2008 edition of the Downtown Victoria Walk and Run map and working now on updates and assembling a fresh ream of sponsors to help us get a new edition out for 2014.  So much has changed in the city’s downtown - lots more to see and more places to walk.

See the attached document for information on sponsorship and support of this exciting project – we’re planning a new print run and working on ideas for online applications to help you find the best of Victoria.  At walking speed, you’ll find everything we have to offer.

Get your own copy from the handful of late edition maps we have secreted away in our vaults. We’ll send out a copy.

Send $5 to Capital Bike and Walk, c/o John Luton, 22 Philippa Place, Victoria, BC, V8S 1S6.


Walk and Run Downtown Victoria Map

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