Bicycles at Rest

Bicycles at Rest parking manualGrading Bicycle Parking – Good bicycle parking options support cycling transportation. People are less likely to ride if their bicycle isn’t safe at their destination. Adding weather protection is a bonus that is increasingly important too. Cyclists are twice as likely to use a sheltered rack.

The CBWS bike parking manual provides details on best racks, site planning and design for bicycle parking and other destinations facilities. Send $5 per copy to CBWS at: 22 Philippa Place, Victoria, BC V8S 1S6. *Bulk orders available

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Kid's Market on Granville Island in Vancouver

At the Kid’s Market on Granville Island in Vancouver, the shelter is convenient to the front door, providing informal surveillance to enhance security. The design complements the building and is integrated into the structure, keeping costs down too. Information on planning bicycle parking is in our bicycle parking manual.

A new grading system for bike parking is new to our CBWS website. This new project is support by Translink, the Metro Vancouver Transportation Authority. Kid’s market probably rates an 85/100. Find out more by following the link to Grading Bicycle Parking PowerPoint Presentation: A new approach to bike racks and site planning. A work in progress, the CBWS Power Point presentation offers some ideas on grading bicycle parking to help suppliers produce good designs and products, and to help advocates assess bike parking in their communities. Please send us your comments.